1. Purpose: 
The Business Metrics Scorecard & Frameworx Metrics group is responsible for the TM Forum Business Metrics used by digital service providers and suppliers as standard industry business performance metrics, as well as the broader development of Frameworx Metrics (FxM) in general. This includes identification of new metrics requirements, as triggered by the proliferation of new and innovative services and extension of the Balanced Scorecard as needed.  Additionally, these metrics are used as the basis for the TM Forum’s Business Benchmarking Studies, Metrics Conformance testing, and various Benchmarking Services.

2. Who Should Consider Participating?
- Industries:
   Digital Services, Smart Grid, eHealth
- Types of Companies: Service Provider, Solution Vendors, Professional Services Providers
- Individuals:  Business managers, product managers, operations managers,

3. Why Participate: 
Metrics are a critical part of how businesses operate today.  Being a part of this group means you can interact with the most knowledgeable people in the communications and digital services industries on what is important to measure to drive business success.  Join our group of active professionals who take ideas for metrics and make them real and implementable.

4. Related Projects:

 Frameworx Metrics Repository Automation Project

Group Owner/Administrator
Group Experts
Robert Bratulic
IBM Corporation
William Zimmer
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
Tony Verspecht
Cisco Systems
Deepak Kanwar
Nokia Solutions and Networks
Cliff Faurer
AMKB Cloud
remove osi
Objective Systems Integrators
Jarek Bochinski
Nokia Solutions and Networks
Sandeep Chowdhury
Ericsson Inc.
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