Catalyst Program - Our Innovation Accelerator

Catalyst Program - Our Innovation Accelerator

1. Purpose: 
The Catalyst program is the TM Forum’s innovative approach to rapidly launching and creating leading-edge solutions.  Based on the most pressing requirements of end users such as service providers, MSOs, defense agencies, enterprise IT departments and more, teams of end users, system integrators and suppliers collaborate on a solution that culminates in a series of live demonstrations at TM Forum Management World events.

These demonstrations both leverage and enhance TM Forum best practices and standards, including Frameworx. The results are fed back into the TM Forum for use by the industry at large. Besides serving as a "proving ground" Catalysts also enable end users to gain real-world insight to help guide strategic investment decisions.

2. Who Should Consider Participating:
- Industries:
  Service providers and solution providers across telecom and communications, healthcare, utilities, financial services, cable and the full digital services spectrum.
- Types of Companies:  End-user champions such as service providers, MSOs, defense agencies and enterprise IT departments, including international banks, utilities companies and research universities.  Participants range from large suppliers to system integrators to start-up software companies. 
- Individuals:  Anyone, business or technical,  interested in discovering, addressing and solving critical industry issues.

3. Why Participate: 
• Cost effective collaborative research and development including use of TM Forum best practices and standards
• Close collaboration between service providers and suppliers yields high quality results
• Business relationships grow from trust and knowledge gained during project lifecycle
• Extensive marketing exposure before, during and after Management World events

4. Related Projects:
Current Projects:



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