Data Analytics

Data Analytics

1. Purpose:
This group is working to help Service Providers make the best use out of business intelligence and data analytics tools in the enterprise-wide activities of revenue management and customer experience management.  The focus of the work is on bridging the gap between 'raw' Data Analytics technology and the specific business needs of a service provider.  A key project in this group is the Customer Experience Management Index which tackles exactly this challenge to create executive level dash boards that capture customer satisfaction.

2. Who Should Consider Participating?
- Industries:
   Digital Services Providers, Smart Grid, eHealth
- Types of Companies: Service Providers, Solution Providers, Professional Services Providers
- Individuals:  Business Analysts, Product Managers, Analytics/Big Data specialists

3. Why Participate
This is one of the hottest topics in the communications industry  and TM Forum today. Data analytics/big data management is an area where introducing new concepts to service providers can make a big difference in the way they run their businesses.  Because service providers have so much data accessible to them, it is important to distill the data to be useful for making business decisions.  You can help define the best practices that will change the way service providers run their operations and interact with their customers by getting involved in this rapidly developing area.

4. Related Projects:
13 Data Analytics:  Standardizing of CEMI
13 Frameworx Big Data Analytics

Group Owner/Administrator
Group Experts
Wenjie(Jerry) Zhu
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
Paul Morrissey
Sutherland Labs
Paul Ousterhout
Yasser Tosson
ITS - International Turnkey Systems
Wei Dong
Tektronix Communications
Nico Wauters
Raihan Wadud
SingTel Optus
Georg Panagos
N-Pulse GmbH
Eric Troup
Microsoft Corporation
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