Digital Health

Digital Health

1. Purpose: 
Many TM Forum members are addressing the opportunities that are enabled by the adoption of “eHealth/connected Health” solutions by both the healthcare industry and consumers. This Digital Health value chain is new and dynamic – the convergence of services, technology, market demand, and interoperability is providing an innovation platform that can solve many social, business, and logistic issues facing healthcare over the next 5 years.
TM Forum members seek to define best practices, templates, guidelines, and understand gaps for this unprecedented opportunity.  This community seeks to focus on use cases that will be critical to the customer service portion of eHealth service delivery.
The eHealth community seeks to establish and demonstrate collaborative commercialization opportunities leveraging the Frameworx models and lessons learned to advance adoption of eHealth services and de-risk customer service.

2. Who Should Consider Participating:
- Industries:   eHealth
- Types of Companies:  eHealth providers, service providers with eHealth lines of business, suppliers of all kinds to eHealth providers and service providers for eHealth businesses.
- Individuals:  IT professionals, eHealth business managers, product managers, business process analysts

3. Why Participate: 
Participating in this community provides access to the extended eHealth value chain including eHealth providers, service providers, integrators and suppliers.  In this rapidly growing area, interfacing with these players will enable you and your company to have the best possible end-to-end view of the management challenges for eHealth services and get out in front of the market.

4. Related Projects: 
Digital Disruption 2013 - eHealth Catalyst

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