APIs and Developers

APIs and Developers


TM Forum Live Smart City & Climate Hackathon: May 6th & 7th, Nice France.  

TM Forum’s flagship hackathon to be held in Nice France on May 6 & 7th.   This event is an outstanding opportunity for your company to gain significantly deeper engagement with open APIs which are underpinning seamless interconnectivity across ecosystems.  These APIs have been crowd sourced from our membership and are now key to the digital strategy of many of our members.


Along with gaining experience and expertise on use of the open APIs, participation in this global flagship hackathon will expose your team to the extremely competitive open market whereby critical behaviors such as innovative new products and services, speeding time to market through rapid prototyping and designing for optimal usability feature highly.


We are inviting teams from TM Forum member companies and teams of international students and independent developers and startups. 


Winners will be awarded cash prizes, executive appointment meetings with executives and promotion on TM Forum inform, as well as reawarding at the TM Forum VIP event in front of the top 200 executives in our industry.


We encourage diversity in our teams, an example dream team might include:

Product designer, data scientist, usability engineer and developers.


This years theme is building smart sustainable cities.  The challenge is to create the most innovative application to help building smart sustainable cities.  Along with tm forum open APIs, the open ecosystem platform that underpins this event will include Ericsson’s Service Delivery Framework, IBM’s Bluemix platform as well as real city data from multiple sources including FIWARE.


To find out more about this exciting opportunity:




Open Hack Lisbon: Feb 1 - 3

TM Forum gathered developers, designers and data scientists from universities, enterprises and startups for its {open} collaborative hackathon to be held February 1-3 in Lisbon, Portugal, in conjunction with TM Forum Action Week.

Participants will have the opportunity to integrate into the Forum’s Open Digital Ecosystem platform and demonstrate their capabilities in a future-focused innovative environment, leveraging the Forum’s new open, crowd-sourced APIs for partner onboarding, pre-ordering and privacy.

This is a free to attend event:

Hack website: http://actionweek.tmforum.org/open-hack/

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tm-forum-open-hack-tickets-20145400435?aff=es2

Blog: http://inform.tmforum.org/strategic-programs-2/open-digital/2016/01/open-collaborative-hack-share-learn-integrate/?sthash.8c9uDuzM.mjjo

Please share with your friends and startups that you know in the greater Lisbon area. 


Nov 16th, 17th & 18th November: Pierre Gauthier, Chief API Architect & Ken Dilbeck, VP Collaborative R&D attended and supported the GEN15 LSO Industry Collaborative Hackathon held in Dallas.  Industry collaborations were Cisco, DevNet, OpenDayLight, OpenNFV, MEF & TM Forum. 

GEN15 LSO Hackathon


Global Mobile Innovator Tournament:

TM Forum Ecosystem APIs are also included in the Global Mobile Innovator Tournament hosted by IBM and 4YFN.  The online challenge remains open until Jan 6th 2016.  Check out the Forum Ecosystem APIs. 


Telco APIs & TM Forum Ecosystem APIs

Smart Climate Online & Face to Face Activity

Dec 1st - Jan 15th 

Climate change is not a myth and its initial effects are already being felt. Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are the main cause.  In the future the consequences can be major and jeopardize our environment and our society, rise of sea level, natural disasters, destruction of ecosystems, and migration of human and wild life.

A key objective of COP21 is to limit to 2°C the increase in global temperature to limit these consequences. But the COP21 is an agreement between states.


Together we can create and innovate to help citizens and businesses to improve their relationship with the environment and play our part to limit global warming.

While ahead of the COP21 negotiations, we want to hear your voice, your ideas for how technology can be leveraged to influence change and reduce the harmful effects on the climate!

Your ideas will be grounded in the project initiated by DigiCOP.life a Smart Climate Forum, to make them live and be adopted by member companies!

You can participate in this event by attending in person in Paris or joining the online event. 

TM Forum Action Week Hackathon: Feb 1st - 5th, Lisbon

API Developer Activities, watch this space, news coming soon! or email jobrien@tmforum.org

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