Open Digital Ecosystem

Open Digital Ecosystem

This program significantly advances the application of Frameworx and TM Forum’s Open Digital Ecosystem Program work by facilitating collaboration for Digital Services transformation with other standards bodies, Industry groups, and key stakeholders.TM Forum’s Open Digital program helps service providers, enterprises and their suppliers succeed in the digital world by making it easier to create, build and operate complex innovative services. Our goal is to enable an open digital ecosystem where new services can be delivered quickly, easily and securely using a wide range of business models and partners.

As the world turns digital, the complexity of integrating and managing digital services is only growing. New services are created everyday through a complex value fabric of partners. But delivering customer satisfaction and long-term success demands end-to-end manageability, security, scalability, and efficiency.

We’re bringing together the best minds around to overcome the business and technology challenges that stand in the way of successful digital partnerships. Connecting a wide range of industry verticals and leveraging the work of many organizations, we’re collaboratively developing the tools, APIs, standards and best practices needed to enable an open digital ecosystem. TM Forum is harnessing the best practices of its member companies and is working with other standards development organizations to deliver a complete ecosystem for digital services, including APIs, information models, business processes, and extensive best practices for partnership and on-boarding.

The implementation of this ecosystem marks the first comprehensive effort to understand and meet the needs of all digital services stakeholders: consumers, developers, providers, operators, and regulators.

Join Open Digital Project to contribute and participate.

Key Goals:

1. Enabling Technology

Open Digital Ecosystem (API’s, Digital Services Reference Architecture, Partnership/B2B2x)

2. Real user stories

Industry Verticals and Application Areas (Digital Health, Smart Grid, Smart City, Internet of Things, M2M)

3. Digital Service Toolkit

an efficient, standardized, easily consumable, to enable the creation, evolution, and management of Digital Services

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