Revenue Management

Revenue Management

1. Purpose: 
Revenue assurance generally refers to a methodology to increase a company's income by identifying where revenue gets lost, and minimizing such losses by eliminating revenue leakage and lowering operating costs. Revenue Assurance can also be defined as the work effort to ensure that processes, practices, and procedures maximize revenues. It is end-to-end, crossing all departmental boundaries. It involves completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of data.

Revenue Leakage is revenue that has been earned, but lost on its way to the corporate wallet. Determining the cause of revenue leakage requires disciplined root cause analysis and investigation of activities that may lead to revenue leakage.  The team is already at work to helping CSPs solve problems but it needs your help!

2. Who Should Consider Participating?
- Industries:
   Communications, any other service oriented industry
- Types of Companies: Service providers, suppliers of revenue assurance software
- Individuals:  Revenue assurance specialists, finance managers, risk managers, consultants who focus on Revenue Assurance

3. Why Participate: 
Revenue Assurance is a very mature area for TM Forum, which means getting involved enables you to work with the foremost experts in the industry including a large community of service providers who are collaborating to tackle their revenue leakage challenges.

4. Related Projects:

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Revenue Management Project Group -- Includes Revenue Assurance Projects

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