Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

1. Purpose: 
This group is an active community of security and privacy experts who are collaborating on their current day problems, and driving Frameworx enhancements, best practice guidelines and catalyst proof-of-concept incubators.   The group is working to create library of rich material that is directly relevant to current Forum projects and can be easily implemented by members to protect against, detect, respond and recover from the threats targeting their assets.  The group leverages productive relationships with established Security Organizations Industry Associations, like NIST, SANS Institute, etc. for input on projects and to drive adoption of TM Forum best practices.

2. Who Should Consider Participating:

- Industries:   Communications; Defense; Enterprises
- Types of Companies: Service providers of all kinds; defense agencies; security software suppliers
- Individuals:  Security analysts, security engineers, security architects, security software developers, Privacy experts, CIOs

3. Why Participate: 

This group is working to ensure that all that is done within the Forum is underpinned by current security and privacy best practice and guidance. It is developing a coherent, practical approach to security and privacy that is integrated with, and of direct relevance to the other project areas within TM Forum.  Being part of these projects will enable you and your company to collaborate with security thought leaders to shape the future of best practices that will reduce exposure to security and/or privacy breaches.  Your participation enables you to be on the leading edge, and be a part of creating implementable solutions that drive business and contract decisions.

4. Related Projects:

Security specific: Security Compliance Automation, "Privacy Dashboard", Live 14 - Legal, Commercial and Ethical Privacy (Privacy Score for a Service). Security and privacy within other projects: Internet of Things, Zoom (NFV) and Data Analytics 

Group Owner/Administrator
Group Experts
Bob Natale
Lawrence Frank
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
Ronald Roman
Telcordia Technologies
Adam Morgan
Mark Arvidson
AT&T Inc.
Blake Lindsay
Bell Canada
Alex Hamerstone
TOA Technologies, Inc.
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