Smart Energy

Smart Energy

1. Purpose:
TM Forum, while beginning with the telecom digital evolution, today supports such diverse industries as defense, eHealth, finance, cloud, and M2M, as well as utilities. Our focus is helping players in these complex value chains overcome the management challenges of integrating digital services into their environment.

  • Smart Meter deployment over IPv6 architecture for Field Area Networks
  • Digital services orchestration, billing, re-provisioning, revenue and value-chain management
  • Cloud-based IP/ICT fault, performance, and energy monitoring and analytics
  • End-to-end security management
  • Orchestrated field services and workforce management

The Smart Grid team wants and needs your guidance and participation to help drive reusable best practices for the energy and utility industries.

2. Who Should Consider Participating:
- Industries:
   Communications, Energy
- Types of Companies:  Digital services suppliers, utilities, suppliers of management solutions to utilities
- Individuals:  IT decision makers, management/operations software architects

3. Why Participate: 
• Be on the leading edge of developing best practices that apply TM Forum Frameworx to support energy industry needs for Smart Grid and digital transformation.
• Exchange opinions, experiences, and issues with like-minded members.

4. Related Projects: Digital Disruption 2013 - Smart Grid/Energy Catalyst

Group Owner/Administrator
Group Experts
Eric Nelson
Gadi Solotorevsky
Amdocs Management Limited
Amir Gefen
Amdocs Management Limited
James Warner
Westport Group
John Wilmes
Ray Bariso
Ericsson Inc.
Mike Carpenter
TOA Technologies, Inc.
Wumi Oghoetuoma
Crown Interactive Limited
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