Smart City

Smart City

Important Update:

Welcome to the Smart City Community.

As the Internet of Public Things becomes a reality, the interest of government agencies, the private sector, and the public has resulted in an abundance of opportunities to improve quality of life and the efficiency and effectiveness of public resources.  While termed “Smart City” there are many stakeholders, participants, and interests in developing best practice, blueprints, and toolkits for the implementation of connected services for the Public.

1. Purpose:  This community is a resource for those interested in collaborative work in the area of Smart City.  This area can be used to discuss topics related to Smart City and discuss innovations, projects, and how Applied Frameworx for the Internet of Public things creates value for members and stakeholders of Smart City initiatives.

2. Who Should Consider Participating: -

Public sector and Private sector organizations including

  1. Smart City/Government Agencies
  2. Private/Public Partnerships
  3. Regional Development Agencies
  4. Private Infrastructure companies
  5. Digital Services companies
  6. §  Public Safety

  7. §  Traffic Management

  8. §  Connected Home

  9. §  Security &Surveillance

  10. §  Transportation

  11. Logistics

3. Why Participate:  This is a new and growing area which will evolve rapidly over the next few years. 


4. Related Projects:

This community is a resource for the discussion of all things “Smart City”. 

As this topics is related to other Internet of Things projects, we invite you to join the following communities and participate in the projects:

1-  IoT/Industrial Internet community


2-  Smart Grid

3-  Digital Health

4-  Open Digital Ecosystem

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