Women in Tech Leadership

Women in Tech Leadership

Welcome to TM Forum's first Women’s Collaboration Community

This community was formed as a result of our Women's networking lunch at TM Forum Live 2015. Here women in technical leadership positions from across the industry and globe shared their experiences and success stories regarding how to support women in their careers in technology.

Why is this needed?

Somewhere along the way, the 52 percent+ of girls taking STEM courses shrinks to some 12 percent of the working population. Furthermore, the statistics are not much different for women in the essential non-technical roles in technology companies, such as marketing, sales, talent development and leadership overall. The pipeline of future contributors is too small to suggest any change in these dismal statistics. There are also too few avenues to support the successful re-entry of older women into the workforce, meaning that another major pool of talent is under-utilized.

How does industry ensure that the voices, insights and talents of women are brought to bear in the design, launch and management of the most vibrant, useful and profitable products and services possible?

It was recognized that TM Forum provides a unique platform where we can reach a large volume of people across many different companies and by pooling our learning and influence we aim to make a difference in the industry.

Hence, as part of an overall ambition to improve diversity in the industry, we have launched a Women in Tech Leadership Community.  This community is open to any TM Forum member who has an interest in this topic.  It is not just for women!

What will we do?

To develop the scope and shape of our initiative, we will conduct a survey and seek volunteers to join the leadership of this new collaboration community. 

Our site includes a Confluence space here, which can be populated with information about current diversity programs and the underpinning research (special thanks to our members from IBM, Microsoft, Ericsson, NTT and AT&T for contributing to the initial library)

Check out this link for some great reasons why more women in tech are needed. 

“There is no point in getting half of Europe digital.”

Neelie Kroes, former-EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda

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